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Nike logo is a small hook. Nike has been around the world will inspire every athlete and offer the best for its products as glorious task. Nike's first Air technology to the sports world has brought a revolution. The use of this technology to produce sports shoes can Well protect the athlete's knee. Reduce the impact on the knee hen it landed as strenuous exercise.

NIKE shoes
Main Material: Full Grain Leather Full grain leather, Nubuck cowhide leather, Suede Suede, Synthetic Ledather synthetic leather, Synthetic Material synthetic material, Mesh mesh cloth, Lycra Lycra elastic fabric, Gore-tex waterproof fabric Material, Foamposite shoes patent material, Drag-on wear-resistant material, BRS1000 carbon fiber rubber, Non-marking rubber Seamless, Solid Rubber hard rubber, Duraon rubber, DRC wear hard rubber, Gum Rubber raw rubber, Sticky Rubber soft Rubber, midsole material:, PU material, PHYLON material, EVA material, LUNAR material.

Adidas Originals Adidas sport's classic series, around the world there are many suitors and owner. She clover as a symbol, as the earth stereoscopic 3D plane development, like a map of the world, symbolizes the three stripes extend to the world. adidas Originals is a classic adidas heritage. This series of extensive use of elements of the 1940s to the 1980s as a design inspiration, with a strong sense of retro. At the same time, adidas Originals and more respected the original spirit, is An owner-oriented, encourage original, eager to cheer for the original street fashion brand, it never devoid of creative inspiration will continue to share with more people trend passion.

N M D science and technology as a running shoe from adidas Originals pioneer shoes Micro Pacer, Rising Star, Boston Super learn the essence of design, giving it a modern meaning Meanwhile, adidas Originals most famous product image elements of reorganization, with 2016 annual compelling new design structure perfect match, and
Therefore constitutes the distinctive color from the overall gene fusion classic clover and BOOST / PRIMEKNIT top science and technology, can be said to be true for the urban adventure for us.

Under Armour sports shoes Footwear, sportswear conquest capable of supporting a rigorous training and fierce competition. UA technology into unique Performance DNA Footwear designed to produce top sneakers, the perfect combination of cutting-edge performance and strong support force, no On what kind of movement, it is sufficient to have the ability to confront any harsh conditions.

UA sports shoes series slogan is "elite elite athletes need sports shoes," sneakers in technological innovation, Under Armour is indeed a great breakthrough, wherein the elastic chassis technology, two four-dimensional air cushion sneakers technological breakthroughs.

UA resilient chassis technology to create a super lightweight elastic texture, without sacrificing the excellent support force, can be the perfect fusion of flexibility and sufficient support force protection, superior to other sports shoes on the market. Dimensional air cushion is a revolutionary lightweight UA lower midsole innovative design, Standing upright foam soles allow players to play better, compared to conventional air more lightweight material, so that even more rapid pace, lower than the traditional air cushion designed to allow athletes foot closer to the ground, is more resilient than traditional air cushion of excellence, bounce higher, four Dimensional air cushion has more toughness, more comprehensive protection of the soles of the feet.